Theatrical Release March 22, 2024

The Last Night of Amore


Franco Amore is putting together his retirement speech. Tonight is the last night in 35 years of distinguished service in the Police force. In his long career, he writes, he’s never shot his gun to kill, and he’s done his best to keep honest. He doesn’t know that this will be the longest and most challenging night of his life and that everything that matters to him will be in danger: his role as a servant of the State, his unconditional love for his wife Viviana, his friendship with his working partner Dino, and his own life. Tonight in Milan, events will unfold frantically while the light of dawn keeps moving farther.

Dans la veine des grands polars des années 1970, un polar au classicisme efficace et captivant.

- Les Fiches du Cinéma

La mise en scène nerveuse d’Andrea Di Stefano renforce un suspense haletant.

- 20 Minutes