Tellement Proche DVD

Snow & Ashes (Neige et cendres)

DVD Release January 3, 2012

Blaise Dumas, a war correspondent, covers an armed conflict in Eastern Europe. When he awakes from a temporary coma in his hometown of Quebec City. Blaise discovers that his long time collaborator and photographer has not come back with him. He then sets out to recapture the events that led to his friend's disappearance and his own narrow escape from the war zone. A compelling human post-modern western tale that forces us to ponder and reflect on the unpredictable choices of life and on the strength of the media and the sacrifices that journalists must make for their craft. MOVIE TRAILER

Tellement Proche DVD

The Straight Line (La ligne droite)

DVD Release January 17, 2012

Leïla, après cinq années de prison, retrouve la liberté. Elle va rencontrer annick, un jeune athlète qui vient de perdre la vue dans un accident. LMa seule discipline que celui-ci peut pratiquer avec son handicap, c'est la course. ais avec un guide, auquel il est attaché, par un fil, le temps de l'entraînement. Ce sera en l'occurrence, une guide : Leïla, elle-même athlète de haut niveau dans sa vie d'avant. Y Leïla se tait sur son passé. annick, étouffé par les marques de compassion de son entourage, va s'arranger de ce silence. L'entraînement, et puis les projets de compétition vont les aider à se reconstruire, l'un avec l'autre. Mais il y a des histoires passées qui ne vous lâchent pas, et des sentiments présents, des mouvements du coeur, qui bouleversent les trajectoires. Il faudra en passer par là pour un jour entrer dans la ligne droite. MOVIE TRAILER

Tellement Proche DVD


DVD Release February 7, 2012

Cyprien is a 35 year-old wall-flower. He splits his time between his job at Dress Code, an uber-hip fashion magazine (he's the not-so-hip head of IT), and an internet café with his buddies. Cyprien and his friends are all bona fide nerds, adolescents for life, Star Wars worshippers. Favorite pastimes include surfing the web all night long and collecting DVD's. His looks and the constant chastising from his co-workers don't make him the most desirable bachelor, but even so, Cyprien has one ultimate goal: to seduce blonde bombshell Karen McQueen. A magic deodorant that falls in his hands allows him to become an instant hottie - Jack Price - on command. a la Clark Kent/ Superman and Peter Parker/ Spiderman. But his social skills could still use some fine-tuning. Helena, one of Cyprien's co-workers, decides to give him a 101 on life. Little does she realize that her coaching is actually benefiting his alter-ego, Jack. And that's when the romantic triangle starts to take unexpected twists and turns.

Tellement Proche DVD

My piece of the pie (Ma part du gâteau)

DVD Release February 21, 2012

France (Karin Viard), a single mother from the blighted industrial north, and Steve (Gilles Lellouche), a hotshot trader with a keen eye for the killer deal, are thrown together when he's looking for a cleaner and she's looking for a job. When Alban, Steve's 3-year-old son, arrives on the doorstep to stay with his dad, Steve might need more than a cleaner. And France might need some payback from the man who almost single-handedly shut down the factory where she worked... MOVIE TRAILER

Tellement Proche DVD

Ducoboo (L'élève Ducobu)

DVD Release February 28, 2012

Ducoboo, 11, an incorrigible dunce, has just been expelled from yet another school. His father enrols him at the Saint-Potache school, warning him that if he doesn't improve his grades, the next stop will be a boarding school. With this threat hovering over his head and despite a formidable opponent in his teacher, Mr Latouche (Elie Semoun), Ducoboo displays boundless ingenuity in cheating and copying from his neighbour, Léonie, top of the class. Ducoboo is a family comedy embracing the values of friendship, creativity and the right to be different. MOVIE TRAILER

Tellement Proche DVD

What love might bring (Ces amours-là)

DVD Release March 6, 2012

Throughout Ilva's life, love has held a place above all else. She goes back in time by skimming through the itinerary of her men and the world. Her heart once again plays for her the symphony of childhood, World War Two, ghost trains, the Liberation, her trial, and the soldiers she knew so well... Ilva embodies all the courage and contradictions of a modern heroine.


La permission de minuit

DVD Release July 10, 2012

Romain is a "moon child", afflicted since birth by a rare genetic deficiency that makes him unable to stand exposure to daylight. Since infancy he has been cared for by David, a consultant dermatologist who is fascinated with his case and with whom he has developed an unusually close relationship. Now David has to leave, and doesn't know how to tell Romain. The day of the separation draws near... a new ordeal for them both.

On ne choisit pas sa famille DVD

You can’t choose your family (On ne choisit pas sa famille )

DVD Release August 14, 2012

César Borgnoli (Christian Clavier) est au bord de la ruine. Sa sœur Alex et sa compagne Kim, lui proposent un marché. César doit se faire passer pour le « mari » de Kim afin d’aller adopter légalement en Thaïlande la petite Maï. César s’imagine partir pour un week-end joignant l’utile à l’agréable… Mais, entre lui et Kim, sa « nouvelle femme », le courant ne passe pas vraiment…

La Croisière  DVD

La Croisière

DVD Release August 14, 2012

Quatre femmes que tout oppose embarquent pour une croisière de rêve : Hortense (Charlotte Turckeim), éleveuse de porcs, Chloé (Nora Arnezeder), jeune pickpocket au cœur brisé, Alix (Marilou Berry - Vilaine), businesswoman débordée et Simone (Line Renaud), retraitée qui ne voyage jamais sans son chien. Entre fous rires, situations improbables et remises en question, cette croisière va leur révéler de nouveaux horizons.

Juan et les zombies

Juan of the Dead (Juan et les zombies )

DVD Release August 28, 2012

The zombie movie world has yet to witness one last stand; Cuba. In the middle of what official media refers as isolated incidents provoked by dissidents paid by the US government, in a Havana filled with flesh eating zombies, one hero, Juan, comes to the rescue.The only way to kill the zombies is to destroy their brains, so Juan realizes there is an upside to the situation, and sets-up a 'Zombia Busters hotline' with the tagline "We kill your beloved ones" and business takes off. Mayhem has never been this funny, or politically charged.

José & Pilar  DVD

José & Pilar

DVD Release September 25, 2012

This funny and touching documentary follows the famous Portuguese novelist José Saramago (who died in 2010) during two of the last years of his life. Constantly accompanied, advised and adored by his Spanish wife Pilar del Río, the elderly writer submits—not without a degree of passive resistance—to the constraints of a celebrity never sought. Travelling the globe, snoozing with Gabriel García Márquez during events in their honour, Saramago is more than aware that each passing moment brings him a little closer to the end. But it is not so much death that bothers this famously cynical atheist as the thought of leaving Pilar behind, the love of his life, who, as he says, was so long in coming.


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