DVD Release August 3, 2010

It takes place during the course of one school year. Lola, 15 (Christa Theret on nomination for best new actress for a Cesar), is going into tenth grade. On the first day back, she rejoins her group of friends (Stéphane, Charlotte, Maël, Paul-Henri, Mehdi, David, Provence, et al) and especially her boyfriend, Arthur. He casually drops that he has slept with another girl over the summer. Whether out of jealousy or provocation, she says that she, too, has taken that step over vacation. Furious, Arthur breaks up with her on the spot. Maël, best friend to both of them, doesn't know what to do. And Lol's troubles don't end there. Communicating with her recently divorced mother, Anne (Sophie Marceau), has become quite impossible - especially as she discovers that her mother lied to her about her love life. The school work isn't going very well and, what with friends betraying friends and rivalries in matters of the heart, the group of friends is on very shaky ground.

Coluche DVD


DVD Release August 17, 2010

September 1980. Coluche (François-Xavier Demaison was nominated for the Best Actor for a César) shines every night on stage. France's favorite comedian is at the peak of his career. TV, radio and newspapers chasé him down, and his home was the place to see and be seen. Always, ready to push even more buttons, he decides to run for the presidency just for kicks! The people respond with laughter, cheer hima long, and support him. The polls go nuts and his popularity explodes. What if a clown were to actually become a serious presidential contender and even win the presidency? The clown himself begins to believe it's possible. until his larger-than-life dream spins out of control, and this beloved figure ends up tragically defeated.

Vilaine DVD


DVD Release September 7, 2010

An ugly girl, Mélanie (Marilou Berry was nominated for the Best New Actress for a César), constantly being mocked by everybody. Her supposed "best" friends, three hot and very mean girls, make fun of her back. Her hypochondriac mother uses her like a lackey. Her boss treats her like shit. Even her grandmother makes her feel like a doormat.

Until the day she decides to act as ugly as they say she is: no more Miss Nice Girl ! It really takes a butt-ugly girl to kick some serious ass!

La Femme Inconnue DVD


DVD Release September 14, 2010

For the first time in French version

In director Guiseppe Tornatore’s (Cinema Paradiso) haunting story of mystery and love, a Russian woman named Irena (Xenia Rappaport) calculatedly insinuates herself into the lives of a young, affluent Italian family. Stopping at nothing to become the couple’s trusted maid and the beloved nanny to their fragile young daughter (Clara Dossena), Irena risks everything in her quest to uncover the truth about the family. Like an intricately constructed jigsaw puzzle, The Unknown Woman reveals piece by piece the enigma of Irena’s past.

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