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Les Invites de Mon Pere

My Father's Guests (Les invités de mon père)

Theatrical Release February 18, 2011

80-year-old retired doctor Lucien (Michel Aumont) has a big personality. He is and has always been a man of action, famous for his defense of women’s rights and family planning. Nowadays, Lucien stands up for the rights of illegal immigrants. And his commitment is such that, without telling his family, he has just married young and flashy Tatiana (Véronica Novak) to protect her from deportation. But his daughter Babette (Karin Viard), and his son Arnaud (Fabrice Luchini) soon realize that the old man has fallen for the gorgeous yet self-interested Eastern European woman. The family dynamics suddenly dive into a chaos…

The mole

The mole (La dette)

Theatrical Release June 6, 2011

Pawel Kowal, a young Pole, discovers that Zygmunt, his father, whom he had always taken for a hero of the 'Solidarity' syndicate, may have hidden a less glorious past, at the service of the communist regime. Little by little, their relationships are undermined by the ghosts of the past...

Rouge comme le ciel

Red Like The Sky (Rouge comme le ciel)

Theatrical Release June 10, 2011

A moving, true story. The saga of a blind child who, during the turbulent 70’s, fights against everything and everyone to reach out for his dreams and his freedom. The film is inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci, one of the most gifted Italian sound editors working today, who happens to be blind. Ten-year-old Mirco is blinded in an accident and sent to a rather stern boarding school for the blind. The headmaster doesn't believe his pupils have much of a future beyond switchboard operating and weaving. Young Mirco, however, discovers a talent for sound engineering - he tapes over the school's bible readings to create a sonic tribute to the seasons. Inevitably he incurs the wrath of his wretched headmaster.


Sarah's key (Elle s'appelait Sarah)

Theatrical Release July 29, 2011

Based on Tatiana de Rosnay’s New York Times best seller, SARAH’S KEY is the story of an American journalist in Paris, Julia Jarmond (Kristin Scott Thomas), whose research for an article about the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup in 1942 in France ends up turning her own world upside down.

In July 1942, Sarah, a ten-year-old girl, is taken with her parents by the French police as they go door-to-door in the middle of the night arresting Jewish families. Desperate to protect her younger brother, Sarah locks him in a bedroom cupboard – their secret hiding place – and promises to come back for him as soon as they are released. More than sixty years later, Julia stumbles on the terrible secret that the home Sarah’s family was forced to leave is about to become her own. As Julia’s life becomes entwined with Sarah’s heart-breaking story, she must tackle the complex issue of how to live with the past and keep moving forward.

Neige et Cendres

Snow & Ashes (Neige et cendres)

Theatrical Release September 9, 2011

Blaise Dumas, a war correspondent, covers an armed conflict in Eastern Europe. When he awakes from a temporary coma in his hometown of Quebec City. Blaise discovers that his long time collaborator and photographer has not come back with him. He then sets out to recapture the events that led to his friend's disappearance and his own narrow escape from the war zone. A compelling human post-modern western tale that forces us to ponder and reflect on the unpredictable choices of life and on the strength of the media and the sacrifices that journalists must make for their craft.

La ligne droite

The Straight Line (La ligne droite)

Theatrical Release October 7, 2011

Leïla, après cinq années de prison, retrouve la liberté. Elle va rencontrer annick, un jeune athlète qui vient de perdre la vue dans un accident. LMa seule discipline que celui-ci peut pratiquer avec son handicap, c’est la course. ais avec un guide, auquel il est attaché, par un fil, le temps de l’entraînement. Ce sera en l’occurrence, une guide : Leïla, elle-même athlète de haut niveau dans sa vie d’avant. Y Leïla se tait sur son passé. annick, étouffé par les marques de compassion de son entourage, va s’arranger de ce silence. L’entraînement, et puis les projets de compétition vont les aider à se reconstruire, l’un avec l’autre. Mais il y a des histoires passées qui ne vous lâchent pas, et des sentiments présents, des mouvements du coeur, qui bouleversent les trajectoires. Il faudra en passer par là pour un jour entrer dans la ligne droite.

Ma part du gateau

My piece of the pie (Ma part du gâteau)

Theatrical Release November 11, 2011

France (Karin Viard), a single mother from the blighted industrial north, and Steve (Gilles Lellouche), a hotshot trader with a keen eye for the killer deal, are thrown together when he’s looking for a cleaner and she’s looking for a job. When Alban, Steve’s 3-year-old son, arrives on the doorstep to stay with his dad, Steve might need more than a cleaner. And France might need some payback from the man who almost single-handedly shut down the factory where she worked...

Les tribulations d’une caissière

A Checkout Girl’s big adventures (Les tribulations d’une caissière)

Theatrical Release December 14, 2011

La vie n’est pas rose tous les jours pour Solweig (Déborah François « Populaire »), caissière dans un supermarché. Mais elle garde le sourire, malgré les remarques souvent déplaisantes des clients et un chef teigneux. Peut-être grâce au blog qu’elle tient en secret, où elle s’épanche avec humour sur son quotidien difficile… Un soir, sous la neige, son destin croise celui de Charles. Le jeune homme tombe aussitôt amoureux d’elle, sans se douter qu’ils ne sont pas du même monde. Mais si un simple blog peut changer le sort de milliers de caissières, n’est-il pas permis de croire aux contes de fées ?


Ducoboo (L'élève Ducobu)

Theatrical Release December 21, 2011

Ducoboo, 11, an incorrigible dunce, has just been expelled from yet another school. His father enrols him at the Saint-Potache school, warning him that if he doesn't improve his grades, the next stop will be a boarding school. With this threat hovering over his head and despite a formidable opponent in his teacher, Mr Latouche (Elie Semoun), Ducoboo displays boundless ingenuity in cheating and copying from his neighbour, Léonie, top of the class. Ducoboo is a family comedy embracing the values of friendship, creativity and the right to be different.


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