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The Shadow of the City


Theatrical Release May 24, 2002

Twelve-year-old Rami and his family leave their South Lebanese village and a raging war at the Israel border to seek refuge in the big city of Beirut, the Mediterranean Pearl. But the civil war starts and the careless child soon becomes a man. Rami will learn about love and friendship but also about hate and betrayal. When, 12 years later, the war finally ends, he must face the dilemma of rebuilding and reconciling. What hope exists when you have spent your whole life living inside a war?

Short, T-shirt and cap (Original Arabic Version with English Subtitles)

SHORT, T-SHIRT AND CAP (Original Arabic Version with English Subtitles)

Theatrical Release September 14, 2001

This romantic comedy involving an ordinary young man and a politician’s daughter shows the differences between social classes and reveals the lies and controversies that occur in the world of politics. Romantic love scenes with a touch of nostalgia and humorist cal depiction of the everyday life for a young generation struggling to achieve its dreams.

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